Water Damage: Can You Still Salvage Your Waterlogged Wood Furniture?

Can You Still Salvage Your Waterlogged Wood Furniture


Water Damage: Can You Still Salvage Your Waterlogged Wood Furniture?

Wooden furniture and water just don’t mix. Perhaps you have some lovely antiques or modern wood furniture adorning your air-dry home. If by some unfortunate circumstance, a heavy floor or a burst pipe causes considerable damage to your wooden furniture, you need to act fast if you want to save it. Waiting too long can only increase the chances of a mold infestation. Follow these tips in the event of a disaster, and call on water damage companies like EcoPure Restoration for prompt restoration.

Assess the Damage

Before you wade through waist-high waters to rescue your expensive wooden furniture, assess the situation first. If you are dealing with a sewage back-up or a flood in your home, you should not go cannon-balling into the murky, contaminated water. That would only put your health at risk. Instead, call a San Diego water damage company for the proper cleanup, drying, and restoration.

Dry the Furniture

You can’t really see the extent of the damage without drying out water-soaked wooden furniture first. Wood will warp and lose its color if improper restoration techniques are used. Drying out the furniture should, therefore, be the first step. Move the furniture somewhere it can be cleaned and dried, preferably your backyard. Next, dry the furniture with a clean cloth or absorbent paper towel by blotting the affected surfaces. After that, allow the furniture to air-dry slowly to prevent the wood from shrinking, deforming, cracking, and spitting. Finally, try to preserve as much of the furniture’s original finish to protect its value.

Do Mold Control

Putting off restoration work only increases the risks of mold growth on your furniture pieces. Mold may not cause damage to the wood’s cellular structure but it can ruin silk, wool, or any other organic material on the furniture. You can achieve mold control on water-soaked furniture by lowering your home’s temperature, which in turn slows down mold growth. In any case, never leave the matter of confirming the presence of mold to guesswork. Seek help from companies, such as EcoPure Restoration, which offer a full range of water damage restoration and mold remediation services.



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