Water Damage Professionals Offer Tips to Restore Your Wood Fixtures

Wood is one of the oldest, most reliable building materials known to man. When properly cared for, it can remain beautiful and durable for a very long time, possibly even an entire lifetime. Unfortunately, wood that’s exposed to excessive moisture can lose its luster, start to stain, and even rot.

Water Damage to Wood Furniture

Wood furniture’s finish can be damaged by water from kitchen utensils, vases, and other sources. Often, water damage to wood furniture can be solved by performing a few repairs and some refinishing. If your favorite wood furniture has a discolored ring from a cup of steaming hot coffee, there’s no need to panic. Most of the time, restoring it to its original condition is fairly easy. Here’s what you need to do:


Dry the affected area using a clean cotton cloth or paper towels. Don’t scrub. Instead, blot away the moisture. You may use a fan or dehumidifier to help remove the lingering moisture on the wood’s surface.


Rub the area with an oily furniture polish, petroleum jelly, or even mayonnaise. Oil has the ability to displace shallow water marks on wood. If the stain disappears, then your job is done. If not, proceed to the next step.

Rub the stain gently with toothpaste or metal polish. These products contain mild abrasives that will help get rid of the stain. If that doesn’t work, add a little baking soda for a slightly stronger abrasive.


Apply a thin layer of paste wax onto the repaired surface with a clean soft cloth. Work the wax into the surface until you achieve an even shine. You may use liquid or cream varieties, but paste wax works best as it leaves a longer-lasting finish.

What about your home’s other wood surfaces?

Just like wooden furniture, wooden walls, floors, ceilings, and etc. can sustain water damage if exposed to excessive moisture. If your home endures massive flooding, it will require more than the tips above to rescue it from water damage. Thankfully, you have help. Trusted water damage restoration experts in San Diego, like EcoPure Restoration, can repair and restore your home’s wood fixtures properly while helping you stay within budget.

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