What to Do Immediately After Your Home Goes Through Flood Damage

Water damage, regardless of its source, is a problem that every home owner and resident dreads, not just because of the instant defacement of valuable property, but also because the damage will often continue to take effect even after the water has been removed. This is usually in the form of molds, mildew, and the sometimes horrendous stench that follows.

When there is a heavy downpour, or the snow melts too quickly, especially in a natural disaster-prone region like San Diego, the risk of suffering from flood damage increases exponentially. This literally translates into thousands of dollars’ worth of home damage in the form of destroyed upholstery, wooden furniture, electronics, plumbing equipment, and other household appliances.

Quite recently, Hurricane Dolores unleashed its fury and wreaked havoc across the county. There was such an overflow from the San Diego River that aquatic dwellers, such as crawfish, were seen crawling on the roads. The damage was so extensive, it knocked out electricity for almost 3,000 residents, while also overwhelming the drainage pipes and sewer systems in some neighborhoods.

In most cases, business and home owners can find solace knowing that their property insurance usually covers such damages. However, what do you do first following the immediate aftermath of a flash flood? Call your insurance company? Perhaps not, especially since there is still the possibility of salvaging some of the damaged property before it becomes totally irredeemable.

No, a smart homeowner would promptly call flood restoration experts for a quick assessment and clean-up. Of course you’d still need to call your insurance company; after all, who else is going to bear the cost of the restoration? Still, considering the fact that the entire vicinity may be flooded, how long will it take them to arrive at your house for their own evaluations?

It should no longer be an issue for concerned family members to take care of their abodes after a flood, since the best in flood refurbishment companies are readily accessible nowadays. EcoPure Restoration, an expert water damage company, has vast experience, is a well-known firm for its guaranteed customized care services, and covers the entire San Diego community. The company also boasts a 24/7 response service, prompt action, and complete restoration capability from start to finish, and it works alongside your insurance firm, so you can simply get back to your life while the professionals are busy sorting everything out.

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